Monthly Archives: May 2013

Why I didn’t try this sooner, I will never know!

If you are like me, you will do anything (within reason, of course!) to encourage your child to go to sleep. My son is a very active and insanely imaginative 6 (almost 7) year old who just loves loves loves to delay bedtime. No matter how tired he is, it is one excuse after another… “I [...]

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A wonderful book to reinforce the concepts of mindfulness and kindness in your kids yoga class!

Once I started teaching kids yoga classes, I began looking at Children’s books in a different way. Instead of just reading the stories, I now read kids books wondering “what yoga poses can we explore with this story?” and “how does the message of the book relate to yoga?”  What I have found is that [...]

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Hello world!

Welcome to our blog!! We are excited to be going “live” and will update this blog periodically to provide you with ideas and activities to engage your child through Yoga. Check back soon!

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