Help build confidence in your child with positive affirmations

Kids these days are under a lot of pressure and can be quite competitive…busy schedules, homework (starting in Kindergarten!), EOG testing, and the list goes on. If your child is like mine, they can also be really tough on themselves…the pressure he puts on himself is intense!  As a parent, it makes your heart break when you hear your child utter the dreaded phrase “I am stupid” or “I can’t do it”. We have begun to use affirmations daily to help build up his confidence and turn that negative self-talk around.

A while back in a kids yoga class, I asked the children to think about what they were really good at.  Some of the kids had a hard time with this…others rattled off lists. I realized that this can be hard for a child (one child claimed that they could think of nothing!) and that most of the time they are listing things that they have been told that they are good at (eg. math, reading, basketball, etc.)  Last week in our kids class, we drew pictures of things that we were good at…it was an activity that the kids enjoyed and allowed them to be creative. In addition to everything they came up with, we talked about how we all have kindness in our hearts, how we are important members of our families and how each of us is unique and special. In our upcoming camps, we are going to make affirmation cards…I got some really wonderful ideas from the website Abundance Tapestry for affirmations for children and how to make kid-friendly affirmation cards (

At home, we have made affirmations part of our nightly wind down routine.  Following our progressive relaxation, we take a few rounds of breath and while we breathe in and out, we say or think nice things about ourselves.  It goes something like this:

Breathe in “I am kind”; breathe out “I am smart”; breathe in “I am calm”; Breathe out “I am safe”

You can continue this either repeating the affirmations or coming up with different ones for each breath cycle. My son likes to interject “I am awesome” in there :)  This is one of his favorite parts of the day and leaves him relaxed and ready for sleep…he doesn’t fall asleep during relaxation because he loves the affirmations.

If you try this with your kids, let me know how it goes!

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  1. Ashley Wells says:

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