How to make an eye pillow! An easy and fun craft for kids!

Today at our Sunburst Yoga camp we made eye pillows…I mean, who doesn’t ADORE an eye pillow?  This is a very easy (even toddlers could handle it) and quick project that can also be quite inexpensive, depending on what materials you use. Easy to do at home and fun for all :)

I was inspired to make these because the kids love them during savasana and because I am working with a mixed age-group (4.5-10) and always am on the lookout for activities that work well for this range of ages. The lavender and the gentle pressure over the eyes will help your little one relax and drift off to slumber-land…and let’s face it, anything to help kids rest or get to sleep is a good thing, right??

I started by visiting the local dollar store to pick up a bunch of knee high socks in funky and colorful patterns (make sure to wash them before using).  I also purchased a package of flax seed and two small packages of rice.  I like how the flax seed smells, but because I am trying to be mindful of my budget, opted for mixing it with rice (tip: for an even more budget-friendly option, you can use only rice!)  I also picked up a little bottle of Lavender oil (you can also use dried lavender but I couldn’t find any and was under a time crunch).IMAG0783

Step one: Mix the flax seed and rice in a big bowl. Let the kids pass the bowl around and put their hands in it…a nice little sensory experience for them, and who doesn’t like mixing stuff with their hands?

Step two: Put a few drops of lavender oil into the mixture. I suggest an adult do this or else it can get a little crazy; a little goes a (very) long way.

Step three: Have the child hold their sock open while you have another hold a funnel (we fashioned one out of paper).  Have another child pour one cup of the flax/rice mixture into the sock.

Step four: Tie a knot in the sock. We actually tied two knots in the sock; one to close it and another to make the extra fabric symmetrical.

Step five: ENJOY!!


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  1. Jamie Gepner says:

    This is such a great idea! I have seen very complicated versions of this online but I don’t sew and they always looked too involved to work into a class project – but this is perfect!! Thanks so much for sharing!! -Jamie

  2. Anne Jones says:

    Thank you! I love that there is no sewing so kids can make these. I will definitely use this in my after school yoga class.

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