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A sneak peek at our camp for next week!

I have been spending the week finalizing my lesson plans for our FIRST week of camp!  Here is a little sneak peek at some of the activities that we have planned!  I can’t wait to meet some of our new yoga friends and share with them the many wonderful benefits of Yoga!  It is going [...]

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Ever wonder what kids DO in yoga class? A lesson plan inspired by The Giving Tree.

Before actually seeing a kids yoga class in action during my mini yogi teacher training with Shana Meyerson, I had NO clue what to expect; I knew that it wouldn’t look anything like any adult class that I had ever taken!  What I saw in my training was nothing short of amazing! Shana managed to [...]

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A wonderful book to reinforce the concepts of mindfulness and kindness in your kids yoga class!

Once I started teaching kids yoga classes, I began looking at Children’s books in a different way. Instead of just reading the stories, I now read kids books wondering “what yoga poses can we explore with this story?” and “how does the message of the book relate to yoga?”  What I have found is that [...]

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